Hello Peter,

Thanks for your input, I was using student version 18.2 but I just downloaded 19.1 because I received a model that was made in 19.1. This is student version aswell. I am also currently trying to obtain the research license at this moment through my university in order to solve a different problem so my license might change in a few days. 

I have read on different fora about APDL commands but I am not familiar with them. I don't know if they are necessary to be able to use the full capabilities of Ansys but I am willing to learn if i need it to get the matrices. Because of my lack of knowledge about APDL I found the document that Sandeep posted so appealing. I will follow your advice and read the Ansys help file. 

Let me know if you manage to find why your solver wont finish and I will try to reproduce what you did.