Ansys Employee

Hi Trouyan2 ,

This error usually means that you have issue with IronPython. The easiest and quickest way to verify if this is the case here is to go to your D:Program FilesANSYSv191commonfilesIronPython , then double-click the 'ipy.exe' . Some similar error message should pop-up in the CMD Prompt.

Now, the difficult part is to search on your systems and identify what or which software that has IronPython and is interfering with the IronPython shipped with ANSYS installation.

Some possible causes that we've seen in the past including

1. Check any environment variable related to IronPython (try unset it but please be aware that this might break something on your system that is using this environment variable)

2. Check Global Assembly Cache (GAC) to see if there is any reference to another version of IronPython on your system. If you have Microsoft Visual Studio, you can open up the Developer Command Prompt with "run as administrator" , then issue the command

gacutil /l IronPython

This is to search for any reference of another IronPython version on the system, you can then use

gacutil /u IronPython

to remove it (but, again, be aware that this might break some software that installed this on your system)

Thank you,