Bhargava Sista
Ansys Employee


I think the quality of your geometry is the reason for this error. In a geometry based scoping, the displacements are added to the nodes corresponding to the selected surfaces. If there are any small surfaces that may have been defeatured during meshing, there may not be any nodes attached to it which can prompt this error. Which CAD tool did you use to generate this geometry? I'm assuming that you started with an STL file, if you're using SpaceClaim try the skin tool, it can be a miracle tool in creating clean surfaces for geometries such as this one. Another option is to use the current file and clean up the surfaces by stitching the smaller surfaces.

I highly recommend cleaning up the geometry so that you wouldn't run into such issues.

P.S: Are you getting this error while going from linear to quadratic or the other way? I would imagine quadratic would work as it can mesh finer details due to additional node.