Apart from the above reply, check this also:

I don't understand why you are using dynamic meshing? It looks like a steady-state problem. A more convenient way is to define Design Points in Ansys WB by creating "AOA" a parameter in Design Modeler. This will make your life easy. In the parametric analysis, you only need to change geometric AoA and define output parameters like CD, CL from Fluent. This way you can plot directly Lift and Drag curves with AoA in Ansys.

Using dynamic meshing may create stretched cells causing lack of accuracy and the convergence at each time step may also not be appropriate. So, go for parametric analysis. The same workload in this case compared to dynamic meshing.

I don't know what Turbulence model you are trying whether it is necessary to use or not, check this! SA turbulence model is appropriate for Aerodynamic predictions.


Hope it helps.