michele rocchi

Dear abenhadj,

I really apriciated your advice.

Actually the reference density was set to the one of the disperse phase. Thank you for that.

Walls are created some times at the outlet at the bottom of the column (20%-30%), the fluid that tend to "back-flow" is the disperse phase AIR. I don't have idea why AIR should back-flow from there; since the boundary is set as outlet I can't define the "fluid values" as for an opening. From a physical point of view, the column of liquid above the drainage hole should produce more than enough hydro static pressure to provide the required liquid flow at this boundary.


Do you mean that I should not care about the composition of the disperse phase in the locations where the disperse phase is not present?


I will monitor the flow at all boundary to see if this happens before the inexplicable change of composition.


I'm really grateful for your help.