Joseph Omandac

Hi, Rob


I've already installed the ANSYS 19.1 Student Version, and yes, the phase change options for my case were quite simple.

However, I am confused on what to include in the Species Transport model for my case which mainly involves evaporation and condensation of H20. I am more particular in the amount of condensed water in the top of my system, and the amount of water deposited at the downcomer (collector trough).

So thinking about the condensation on a surface (side walls and top), do I check volumetric and surface reaction? How about the options in thermal diffusion, etc? I read the Fluent theory guide and it doesn't much describe about water evaporating and condensing on a surface.

Also, I installed the ANSYS 19.1 Student Version on two of my laptops. After I installed it on my second laptop, the ANSYS softwares (Meshing, Fluent, etc.) were requesting for a license. How do I resolve this?

Sorry for the inconvenience this has brought. I appreciate you looking into my problem.