Hi Syamak;

I have posted my question in several online threads/websites, with no replies!!! I also contacted Ansys help center on the phone, which they also were not really helpful.

Anyway, I am still a beginner in Fluent. But, I managed to solve my problem by using the Pathline function in the Fluent result section. When doing the pathline (which is the same as streamline for steady state flow), you can either select your inlet as the seeding plane for particle release (in which case the Fluent release one particle at the center of your cell/element) or make your own plane with any arbitrary number of seeding particles. Also, you can have your outlet as the source plane and check the "reverse" option in the pathline dialogue box and trace the particles back from the outlet to the inlet. Furthermore, if you check the "write to file" option and then "Fieldview" from the drop down list, you can save the data for all the pathlines in a .fvp file (CSV) which is in ASCII format and very easy and convenient for post processing in MATLAB. If the output file is not very large, Excel can also handle it.

I hope this helps you move in the right direction. Please let me know if I can be of any further help.