Dear Peter, 

thanks for the explanation, now the weird behaviour makes full sense. I tried to reset the simulation settings several times, always getting the same non-accurate behaviour: the escape wheel tooth did not want to unlock (although I did not receive any error messages). Then, when I increased both joint load moments to 10 times more, guess what: it worked, obviously with not the same frequency as it was with DM but it unlocked, locked and unlocked again as it was supposed to be!  Now as you said that for SC, the Parasolid geometry is translated and for DM it is not, so I guess I should not take the SC result physically more accurate, should I? 

I would be more than happy and really thankful if you could help me getting a parametric version of the given angles without a sketch, I already have some ideas but they use the 'Move' function of SC and as I just mentioned now I am not sure I can fully trust the results I am getting with SC.

Thanks for all the help, 

Kind regards,