José Mantovani

For the sixth and seventh point is ok, for the the last (7th) I think that is in respect to create a Calculation Activities compatible with CFD-Post, per exemple.

In the eighth point, I want know: What does it mean when say you get a statistically stationary state? Is it to follow the convergence residues in order to stop the solution when they obtain a "linear" behavior?

The ninth point ok.

In the tenth point, this point I need make after the solution be statistically stationary state or I need to configure the data sampling in the FLUENT area where I run calculation from the beginning of the solution?

For the eleventh point, How I calculate the flow-through times? What is L in the formula L/Uo as we can see in the image above?

And the twelfth point is also ok.

So, here have many doubts about the LES solution procedure, but I think that it can be useful for someone which take a look in this thread. I will be very grateful to those who have the knowledge on this subject and can share their knowledge here in order to solve these small doubts. I'm here waiting!

Thanks for attetion.