Thanks for your amazing and helpful reply, I really learn a lot during those days.

some other questions I need to ask you:

1. As for the transient structural, If I apply the fixed support with acceleration, it seems that the acceleration is locked automatically when I try to change the default applying geometry from All bodies to surfaces on the two sides, can I change it? besides, last time as you mentioned, it does not matter that whether you apply the acceleration to the all bodies or the two surfaces on the two sides, but the real BCs is that we will clamp the two surfaces on the corner and apply the external excitation, if we make the input for the whole bodies, it will change the BCs, then the results will be different, am I correct?

2. I will check the input and find it out whether it is constant force or not. If I have some other questions, I will let you know.

3. I use the acceleration data you post it before, and got the exact the same result as you did, thanks for your suggestion.


Best Regards