Hi Shankar,

What do you mean 1/3rd of the full geometry?  That is not useful. You can use Symmetry if you cut your full model in half. Go back and cut it in 1/2.

I opened the attached iges file. The holes in the Nylon part are not large enough to take the insert. Increase the diameter of these holes to match the size of the insert.


Use a Static Structural analysis. I recommend simplifying the model and initially leave out the inserts and the screws. Create two Fixed Joints between the sides of the larger hole and the inside of the hinge hole. That way, there are only two parts in the model, the Nylon part and the half of the hinge that is fixed to it. You can leave out the screws and the other half of the hinge. 


At the top of the part where the fingers would wrap around the end, hold two faces Fixed, and apply the Moment on the Hinge.

Now the model will solve and you can get a first look at the stress in the part.

Attached is the cleaned up Parasolid file inside a zip file.