first of all i appreciate the will to help win, thanks!

at the beginning there was no ansys product installed ever before on my PC, after i installed as required i got the problem that i mentioned earlier which brings me to the first black background first page without all the templates.

after that i decided to uninstall the software and in addition i deleted the ANSYS INC folder from C and then i looked for every remains of the ansys installation and deleted them all.

then i installed again by using  run as administrator on the setup file and got the same result of the lack of templates shown in the part 1 video guide.

after that i tried to use the ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility and other "tricks" to get the templates but it didn't  worked at all.

at this moment i deleted fully every ansys aim student version and installed the discovery live software to get a little progress in the ansys learning.  

if you have any solution to my problem i would appreciate it very much.