José Mantovani

Hello rwoolhou, thanks for reply. 

So when I worked through the simulation process I want show the comparasion between results by the same geometry, mesh and numerical procedure but with different turbulence models. For flow visualization I want show the differences between the result by the models employed in the recirculation zone. I tried to make this with streamlines because when I use the vector plots the two bubbles that have in this region don't show good, as you can see in the image below. 

The vectors plot by k-omega, for me, is very good, but for k-epsilon the primary bubble is almost imperceptible. Also, I tried to make with streamlines because I found this image extracted of a article that also used FLUENT. 

Do you know how you could configure to get an image of the current lines like this? I increase the number of lines so they form the bubbles next to the step but they still do not complete and the larger bubble almost becomes one of many lines. Can you change the spacing? I wanted to be able to make an image similar to the above. 

It would not necessarily have to have this dimensionless scale, but if I succeeded it would be even more interesting. I do not know if he did this in FLUENT or CFD-Post or maybe in other software.