José Mantovani

Hello again.

So I read the profile file (which I get in x/D= 70) with u, v, k and e in the FLUENT together the BFS geometry with a new mesh. So, I saw that when I select at boundary conditions window the values at inlet for u, v, k and e and at outlet for k and e, and click at solution initialization as Standart my FLUENT close, but when I make with hybrid initialization its works. 

So, another thing is, a need do much iterations to reach convergence. I need to go to college and I will continue tomorrow. So far what I have achieved is in the image below.

I think I do not achieve convergence or the residuals (curves) have these "bad" forms because I need be convected out of the domain that strange shape in which I circulated in Paint. Is that it? Or the way I set it up? In this solution I'm using Realizable k-e with EWT and production limiter. Or still mesh?