Following is the meshed model prepared for XFEM analysis






1.      1, ?s it required to define local coordinate system at crack tip in XFEM method?


2.      2, Even in SING method I cannot define my crack tip inside an element, why?


3.       In order to constant amplitude loading I follow the following ,


time, 1.0


deltim, 0.02, 0.02,0.02




CGROW, FCG, METH, LC  ! life-cycle method


CGROW, FCG, SRAT, 0 ! stress-ratio


!loading frequency is 25 Hz






3,Does the abovementioned strategy true?


4.       4,How I can monitor cycle by cycle crack propagation and related crack parameters (a, deltaK and N)?


5.     5,  Crack front node number mentioned here does not listed in APDL node list call; is this a virtual node produced fro XFEM?


6.       6,By changing the loading magnitude and frequency I always get the following graphic. There is no change in the amount of crack growth (graphically).



 your helps and comments to help me f?nd out my answers are fully appreciated in advance