Hi SandeepMedikonda,

Using the External Model does not give me the ability to easily link analysis systems using a GUI. Even though I already looked at an input file for a prestressed modal analysis and used the External model for post-processing in Mechanical Workbench, my goal is to switch to Workbench and implement command snippets.

Regarding code snippets, I think I got the first code snippet to work by leaving out the element type number:

ET,,COMBI214,,0,1  !Unsymmetric bearing in XY-Plane

as it defaults to 1+ current maximum.

For the second code snippet, I thought about getting the current rotational velocity by using the *Get command, but I don't know how exactly.

*GET,frpm,??? ! Get current rotational velocity
fHz = frpm/60
bearing_opt = 3

/input,'ansys_bearing_manual_%fHz%','inp','P:Simulation (aktuell)ansysMagnetansys_bearings_rillen',2,0

How can I get the rotational velocity of the current step?

Best regards