Sandeep Medikonda
Ansys Employee

Ahh yes, This is new in 19.2.

I remember your question on correct deformation from your last post.

I don't think it is a problem since you are applying BC to the part you have already built. It's just like any other structural analysis with the exception that you are starting with a residual stress in your part.

An easy way to apply initial stress to nodes would be to select the elements for given material id and then selecting the nodes associated with the selected elements and then using inistate for nodes.

Also please note that to get the same stress state and reactions, you need to read in elastic strain, plastic strain, equivalent plastic strain and plastic work, but do not read in the stress. 

If you do read in the stress, then you should not read in the elastic strain, but you still need to read in the plastic strain components listed above, because the plasticity is not fully represented otherwise.



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