tcs engineer

Dear Kremella

Hopefully i have done like video 1, 

but i have taken radiation model is DO. and in material selection density of air taken as in-compressible ideal gas as i understood this (PV=mRT).

and in operating condition i specified the operating P, T. and gravity. 

but 1) i could not understand the operating density, i have checked the guide and i have read the theory. but i couldn't understand well. 

if you know what will be my operating density could you please tell me and give some explanation on it. (does it calculate itself because i treated air as in-compressible idea gas density in material selection?)

problem description is : electronic card keeping in aluminium casing like above picture and casing is treated as mixed boundary condition. with convection coefficient 8w/m2k. total heat dissipation on card is 0.57W.

2) if my radiation model is not recommend please comment.

3) when i check the flux report including casing and electronic package its showing -0.57W if possible please make me understand i am confused with this (because i was expecting total heat transfer net =0)