Hello Mohankumar,

This error does not mean the structure that solved with 10 MPa cannot support 100 MPa. It just means the solver failed to apply the full load without incurring an error.

Please provide more details about your model, the geometry, the supports, the loads, the materials, the contacts, and we can help get the solution up to 100 MPa of pressure. Show us the Solution Information Force Convergence plot. 

Is there nonlinear contact in your model?  The error you show is sometimes seen when a contact fails to be established and one part passes through another part. Is this error on the first substep of your model?  If there is contact, did you use the Contact Tool to check initial contact status?

What other nonlinear behaviors are in your model, do you have plasticity in your material model?  Did you turn on Large Deflection?  Are you using more than one Step?

If you create a Workbench Project Archive .wbpz file, you can attach that to your reply. I can open your model and see what you need to do to fix it.