Sandeep Medikonda
Ansys Employee

Is there contact between the 2 parts?

If yes, you have 2 nodes sharing the same space and it would just display the values from one of the nodes.

Now, if you are just dealing with node sharing or generally in FEA and I hope I am understanding the question clearly, Nodal Value Stresses in Gauss points are extrapolated to element nodes. Most often, one node is shared by several elements, and each element reports different stresses at the shared node. Reported values from all adjacent elements are then averaged to obtain a single value. This method of stress averaging produces averaged (or nodal) stress results. Element values Alternately, the stress values from all Gaussian points within each element can be averaged to report a single elemental stress. Although these stresses are averaged between Gauss points, they are called non-averaged stresses (or element stresses) because the averaging is done internally within the same element only. Maybe the below picture will help understand this better:

This is often a question that FEA engineers struggle while using FEA whether to use nodal or elemental values and there is no correct answer here and is subjective.

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