Hello again Peter, that looks a lot better! thanks for your kind support.

But... the displacement doesn't seem right to me. Is there a way to change this?


Ideally, higher displacements should be near the excavation, while the outer part of the box should be zero. I understand that what we got is an obvious result of the boundary conditions, by following this procedure should I renounce at looking at the deformation? (1)

A second question Peter, to finally close this topic... in the 'engineering data' in the material library, I have friction angle in radians and I can't convert it to degrees. Is there a way to change it? because I have that cell in gray, and in the unit systems I don't see the option :S (2)

Also, I don't understand why this value is also so low... 0.01 rad is like 0.57 deg, which is non realistic for the materials that I am aware of.

Thanks again, kind regards.