Hello friends. Thank you so much for knowledge and instructions shared. However there are still some sections that i am in doubt. My goal is to observe the emulsion flow throughout the pipe. Below are certain things that i am not sure of.

1) The fluid at the inlet that i need to use is mixture of oil at various water cuts. Such as oil with 10%, 20%, 30% water. In this case, is my inlet phase to be set as mixture or oil at the boundary conditions tab? What i have previously tried to do was that i set the inlet phase to be mixture and to set the volume fraction for the water as the amount i require such as 0.1, 0.2, 0.3. The outlet phase was set at mixture and type set to pressure-based. Is this the right way? 

2) Do i need to  create regions if my inlet flow is going to be a mixture of oil and gas?

3) The surface tension coefficient value that i am applying is currently 0.075 n/m based on youtube tutorials. Is there a specific value to be used for oil and water surface tension?

 My solution method is currently Scheme: Coupling, Gradient: Least squared, Pressure: Presto, Volume fraction: Compressive and the others set at second order.

Your help is very much appreciated and i would also like to thank you guys once again.