Hello Sandeep,

that is a very interesting thing that you shared.

In the case I mentioned in the question, there is no contact defined between two bodies, they are under the same part.

In a previous question answered by you, I was trying to implement a path from which I would get the stress output throughout the path at a specific time. In this one, I want to get the stress-time graph (values) at a vertex. The problem at the output from the vertex shown in the first picture, is the one you mentioned 

Mechanical calculates the results from the body with the highest identifier (typically the latest one in the geometry tree).

Now together with the initial question, I am curious to know something regarding the figures you posted:

  • If request the stress output at the node shared by 4 elements, I would get the stress of the body with the highest identifier (let's suppose 3); how do I request to get the averaged value (i.e. 3.5)?