Ansys Employee


First step: Make sure you are moving a Component and not simply the faces of a solid. Moving a component is a simple transformation. RMB>Component>Make Component. Give yourself something to measure the rotation From (here, I put in a plane)

Set up the Move tool (re-anchor it to the turning axis by dragging and dropping the yellow ball):

then Align it to some direction that shows nicely (by Alt-clicking on a convenient edge):

Select the desired rotation axis (blue here), and with that you can RMB>Rotational Ruler to anchor your move reference to the plane, as here:

And then Ctrl+G to create the group. 


Some notes:  In the pictures above all the faces were selected, thus Orange.  When it is a component selected, it is not highlighted like that. Also, you'll note that the rotational dimension can be stored as its complementary angle, in a difficult-to-predict algorithm; so don't be alarmed if it looks like this when you later go to restore the group:

the bounding box of the component is highlighting in yellow as well (correctly)