hey thank you for your reply and your advice.

i am new to ansys and simulation and don't use and know about midsurface, can you please tell me what is it and where to use it because i have done some simple modal analysis but never used it, so please suggest me and also how can i extract mid surface , i have model it using SOLIDWORKS.

and also while meshing i am not able to generate quad mesh properly but from where i found the problem he/she had generated the proper quad mesh with ansys APDL using SHELL181 and SOLID 186 , what are the meaning of these and how can i generate it in ansys mechanical (by using multizone mesh?).

Can you tell me is the contact given is correct between face plate and honeycomb core as i am confused about it and someone who has publish a paper on this have use contact element (contac175) and target element (target170) , what are these?

and in last As you have told me to generate more than 6 modes to get my result means if i need it find 12 modes then i have to generate atleast 12 nodes?


Thank you in advance sir.