Ansys Employee

Hi Joe,

That's interesting. For typical ANSYS products, if we only set ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE without setting ANSYSLI_SERVERS , it would automatically use the hostname info from ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE with port 2325 (meaning, by default, it's ok to set only ANSYSLMD_LICENSE_FILE , no need to set both) . 

Ensight is kinda new territory, so I'm learning about this too. Good thing you tried it


"It works perfectly even with "Connection closed by foreign host" message with telnet...2325."

is another interesting thing. I wonder if you get the same message if you try telnet from one of the Windows machines to the license server. 

If Windows machines can use ANSYS products (not talking about Ansoft, AnsysEM), it means those machines can connect with server machine via port 2325. If these machines and the Linux box are on the same subnet, you can say that port 2325 is open between Linux box and the license server machine too. 

Now for this error message

"Request name 16025 does not exist in the licensing pool. No valid FLEXlm servers specified."

it means you don't have certain license on the license server. In your case, I think it's the license feature called 'ensight_enterprise' , which is required to run Ensight HPC. I don't see this in your license status, so I guess you don't have it. Please ask your ANSYS Account Manager to issue you this license feature as well. Also, make sure that the License Manager on the license server is running v19.2. 

Thank you,