Keyur Kanade
Ansys Employee

Hello Georgiro, 

The question is still not very clear.The image and description does not explain your problem in detail. 

As rwoolhou has already mentioned, you might have added over-constraints. Please go through your sketch and check which dimensions are in conflict. If you find it difficult, please delete all dimensions and try to give it again one by one. 

Also while working on ANSYS student community we use following best practices. 

Best practices to fully leverage the ANSYS Academic Community:

  • Be efficient - As our community grows it is becoming more likely that you are not the first to ask this question. Please search before creating a new post.

  • Be clear - Provide supporting screenshots, error messages, and background information. No simulation files will be opened by ANSYS support engineers.

  • Be precise  - Please use the right tags to help our engineers find your question.

  • Be patient - Please allow three days for someone to get back to you, if you have an urgent question, please email your ANSYS Account Manager.

  • Be helpful - Please help our community grow by answering other's questions and telling your academic colleagues about this resource.

Hope this helps.