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Auto node move is part of Fluent Meshing. You will find this option when you right click on the 'Mesh objects' to find the Auto Node Move feature in Fluent meshing.

If you are looking for more video to learn Fluent meshing, we can show you some online resources. If you are more familiar with WorkBench meshing, please use this tool to improve your mesh quality. Please follow the video shared by Keyur to obtain necessary mesh statistics during meshing.

However, Keyur's point was that you will certainly have to improve your mesh to avoid divergence of your solution. It is always important to remember that a few bad cells can prevent your solution from converging. You might also want to include some line / surface / point monitors to understand your divergence better. 

If you have not already watched these, I'd highly recommend going through them first. They will help you understand how you can improve the orthogonal quality of your mesh. This is a 4-part video series on Hex meshing.

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