Thanks very much for your helpful and quick reply

1. Thanks very much for your help, I got the Waterfall FFT and Spectrogram.


2. I attached a now Workbench file, I make the highest frequency 200Hz and assign it a 80000 data points, while I still have some errors that I failed to run for 2 times, I make some change for the number of the elements within mesh generation and give a less time step, but it does not work, I hope that you could give me some suggestion or help.

3. As far as I know that we could choose the type of the element as either beam element, solid element, or shell element in APDL, while I could not find a way to assign a specific element type in workbench, I know we could pick the order of the element as linear or quadratic and make it Tet or Hex elements. Do you have some advice for that why there is no setting for element type in Workbench?