Ansys Employee

Hi tyrone@me.lsu.edu,

I think IP resolution may not be the issue at this time. But if you like to make sure, you can try changing the currently installed license files on the server 

C:Program FilesANSYS IncShared FilesLicensinglicense_filesansoftd.lic

C:Program FilesANSYS IncShared FilesLicensinglicense_filesansyslmd.lic

so that it uses fqdn instead of hostnames (make sure you restart the ANSYS License Manager after this change)


Can you post the most recent logs (FlexNet Debug log and Licensing Interconnect), which include the failed attempts of mike086 ?

If the error message still has this "FLEXlm server is not responding. Resource temporarily not available." , please add the same thing in the ansylmd.ini file of the cluster (e.g., /ansys_inc/shared_files/licensing/ansyslmd.ini) .

Thank you,