My model is composed of a 3D cylindrical component (20mm diameter x 4.76mm thick) with another 3D cylindrical component (20mm diameter x 0.25mm) bonded to its face acting as a coating. I am then trying to simulate the stress in the coating and at the bond between coating and substrate due to deflection when a compressive load is imposed vertically down on the component. For the component to buckle or cause some sort of deflection in the axial direction, i need to make sure the top and bottom of the component are fixed.

i appreciate your response and your suggestion seems perfect for what I'm trying to achieve, however since i am totally new to ANSYS, i still think I'm not fully understanding. Just a few questions:

1. do the flat plates need to be modelled into 3D also?

2, By fixed bottom plate, does this mean by bonded contact?

3. How do i make the top plate on a vertical translational joint?

4. If the plates are fixed by bonded contact (if thats what is meant) can i still apply a frictional contact on top?

Apologies for all the question, hopefully I'm making sense.