Hello Peter,

An isotropic material defined the interlayer should also give the graph shown in your picture. And to mention also your last part of the answer, I define the interlayer material as viscoelastic (in which the shear modulus will decrease with time). The Normal stress x graph, can be as "c" (my picture at previous comment) in earlier stage of loadings (since the shear mod is high), but after some time it should start to look like "b". But it doesn't in my case, even though I request the result after ~1year when Shear modulus is around 1-2 MPa.

I was doing some attempts trying Shared Topology: When I increase the thickness of the panes and interlayer [Fig 1], or when I increase the dimension in x, the behavior starts to look like "b".



Now one might think that since it works with higher thickness, the results when thickness is low is also correct. But exp results show a behavior as "b"

That made me think that I lack the necessary skills in ansys to implement something that captures the results at this position


I also tried to add more elements throughout the thickness and even tried to change the elements to SOLSH190 but no improvements observed.