Hello bsista,

thank you for the suggestions,

  • use a thin solid sandwiched between the two glass layers to represent that interlayer, you'll need to join them using a bonded contact.

What do you mean by a thin solid sandwiched? I guess it is the same as the one that I am using


I defined the bonded contact (with formulation Program controlled and later Augmented Lagrange, with trim on & off), but they still were separated from picture (is this normal?).



  • use a penalty based bonded contact(Augmented Lagrange is preferred) and define the normal stiffness manually using command snippet( use -ve value for FKN so the solver reads it as the absolute value rather than a multiplying factor). The stiffness that you define here should be same as the stiffness of the interlayer in reality.

I lack skills in Command Snippet. Can you please tell me exactly what to write there?