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It is an analysis of the fillet welded lap joints.  the is no significant necking in the experimental sample.

Whereas, the material model values are obtained by a butt welded tensile test specimen. 

The sample is composed of two plates longitudinally welded together on sides. Below is the image of the welded part of the specimen.

The sample is held horizontally, loaded in the direction parallel to the weld seam under controlled path tensile loading.  

In an experiment, the strain gauges were held at a height of 2cm above the top base plate. this same situation is simulated in Ansys to compute the deformation.

The boundary conditions are set as, fixed in the x-direction, displacement load is applied in the z-direction are applied at the surface. And for Y-direction a line is selected at the face to fix the Y-direction movement.

Yes, a convergence study is carried out before the convergence the deviation was much higher.



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