I have finally gotten back to work on this.  I did install the rpm's that my login node had.  It still did not work.  So, I installed the rest of the required rpms.  It still did not work.  I then tried running fluent as an interactive job on the compute node without first allocating the node via SLURM.  Then it did work.  Interactive via SLURM, does not work.  Normal interactive, it does work.  Long story short, I found that it was an environment variable.  While running in SLURM, I inherit the environment variable LANG=en_US.UTF-8.  Within an interactive SLURM job, if I "unset LANG", it works fine.

It seems that my locale setup on the compute nodes may not be correct, or that fluent doesn't like LANG being set.

I get a bit of an error on the compute node when executing the "locale" command.  I'm going to see if I can clean that up and see if that makes it all work.

Have you seen this issue before?