Ansys Employee

Hi Mutrac,

Thanks for the info. This looks good.

If you open up Task Manager, do you see all of these 4 processes running : ansysli_monitor.exe , ansysli_server.exe, lmgrd.exe, ansyslmd.exe  ?

If not, stop here and try restarting your ANSYS License Manager again.

If so, try the followings in CMD Prompt

telnet DESKTOP-MLNOP1J 2325

telnet DESKTOP-MLNOP1J 1055

If it works fine, you should see a blank CMD window.

Note that your machine may not have telnet feature turned on. You can turn it on by typing Windows features in "Search Windows" tool box , then look for "Turns Windows features on or off" and launch this. Then, scroll down to the bottom and check "Telnet Client" > OK