Hello Peter,

thank you for your answer. Unfortunately i failed to inderstand it properly, could you probably go more into detail about why the first five time steps has to be 0?

To specify to your question:

To map the transient data signal over the streamlines it would generate to much data for my pc (7*20.000*200). 

Yes the mean value is a pressure signal as well.

I try to apply the fluctuations (20.000 time steps) to a certain point onto the blade and combine it with the streamline data that consists of the mean pressure at 5 time steps)
Both Signals are the measurement of 4 seconds Data.

So if i understood correctly, you suggest doing both in mechanical via pressure load? how could i do that with the 20.000 time steps Data? I am kinda lost on that part.

Thank your for help (i am kinda bad in describing problems im sry about that!)