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1. The result of SMISC1 is 3.4165E5, is it too large for tension force? 


2. the result is not sensitive for lateral force only along Z axis?


3. The equation for calculation for initial strain, unit less  Y is young's modulus, F is pretension, A is section area?




 thanks for help!


 two cables are connected with beam (truss) for transmission line simulation.




 *get,myarea,SECP,matid,PROP,AREA ! gets the area and  assigns it to myarea


 ET,matid,LINK180 ! define link element


 SECTYPE,matid,LINK ! assign link


 SECDATA,myarea ! assign area


 MP,EX,matid,,5.2E10 ! SI units


 MP,DENS,matid,,1828.57 ! SI units






 INIS,DEFINE,,,,,5.53E-4 ! strain, unit less




 Boundary condition:


 Vortex 1,5, 6: no displacement


 Vortex 4: displacement in x and z axis


 Vortex 2,3: displacement in z axis




 Cable: link180


 Beam: beam188 (truss)


 Force 1: (0,0,-4N/m), Force 2: (0,0,-1N/m), applied to line body edge


line body: 3D curve in DM


beam radius=0.03m, cable radius=0.015m