I tried suppressing most of the internal bodies to make sure that the solver would eventually start. Keeping just the 4 cylinders at the bottom, I started that on ANSYS 2019R1 and allowed it 8 cores.

The solver is definitely working on this problem, though will not end up converging. I can see 8 cores being used fully. The computer is using 64 GB of RAM. Here are the last few lines in the Solution Output (solve.out) file.

 Iteration=  2750 Ratio=  1.330395E+33 Limit=  1.000000E-08 Wall=  3500.4
Iteration= 2810 Ratio= 6.750189E+32 Limit= 1.000000E-08 Wall= 3576.9
Iteration= 2870 Ratio= 3.321855E+33 Limit= 1.000000E-08 Wall= 3653.3
Iteration= 2930 Ratio= 4.380177E+34 Limit= 1.000000E-08 Wall= 3729.8
Iteration= 2990 Ratio= 3.309826E+35 Limit= 1.000000E-08 Wall= 3806.2
Iteration= 3050 Ratio= 1.183019E+35 Limit= 1.000000E-08 Wall= 3882.6

I'm going to stop that solution now. You can try to suppress half the cylinders and see if that allows the solver to start.

I recommend you reduce the mesh density on the small pads until the model starts running.