Hi Win,

So the solution for us ended up being upgrading our ANSYS License server from 2019 R1 to 2019 R2.


Same license file though. However after that the 2019 R1 Spaceclaim client launched correctly without error and with STL_Prep enabled.

Interestingly enough before I upgraded the license server from 2019 R1 to 2019 R2 we had older clients (version R19.1) that were launching just fine with Spaceclaim with the STL_Prep enabled. It was just 2019 R1 Spaceclaim that would give the error. But once again after upgrading the license server to 2019 R2 everything started working correctly for all our clients (i.e. R19.1, 2019 R1).

Thanks for your help and confirmations though.