The idea of bolts and pretension is to squeeze together a frictional contact pair.  If that contact pair is bonded, then there is no need for the bolts.

Do what the Error message says to do.  Under the Solution Branch of the Outline is the Solution Information folder. Click on that. The default result is that the Solution Output text listing appears where the graphics window was before. Click in that text and hit Ctrl-F to open the find dialog and type error.  Read what it says.  Post the few lines of text that describe the error in your reply.

On the Details window for the Solution Information folder is a line that say Newton-Raphson Residual and the default is 0, type a 5 there

Independent of that, under Analysis Settings, make sure that Large Deflection is turned on, Auto Time Stepping is turned on, set the Initial Substeps to 10.

Now try to solve again.