"Regarding your case with no perturbations please create custom field function and calculate the quantity you want to quantify. RMSE only refer to resolved stresses." - Doesn't RMSE z-velocity refer to u'=sqrt(1/N sum{(U-U_mean)^2}) ? If the Reynolds stresses are variances and covariances of fluctuating velocities, won’t "the whole stresses" be greater than resolved? If so, Ti will be greater then too. What for to calculate whole stresses if the current value is too high?

Would be kindly grateful for answering my questions:

"So, my questions are: why Ti is modelled at the inlet instead of taken explicitly? How explicitly specify Ti at the inlet in LES similarly as in case of RANS?"





as the Fluent calculates false Ti (or u') at the inlet plane, it seems as a big problem for me, it has serious consequnces for the whole flow further downstream...