Hi Sandeep,

1) Max. strain at time 9.4 s is around 1.43 which is outside the limits of shear test data for the elastomer. Maybe I will extend the data points.

2) Earlier I was using hex-dominant method with the model split into different solid bodies for selective sizing as we need finer elements near the channel. Due to the non-linear bonded contacts between the bodies, it was taking a significantly large amount of time to converge at lower loads and was failing to converge at higher loads such as 0.5 Mpa. That's why I reverted back to using tettrahedral mesh and refined the mesh near the channel instead. It was solving at pretty faster rate (I think it was solving in-core compared to out-of-core in case of hex mesh).

3) I will try to solve it with unsymmetric NR solver.

4) NR residuals look like:

The maximum occurs somewhere near:

I guess the mesh size is pretty fine there and I have refined it upto 3 levels near there.

5) The commands you mentioned: In what block do you place that command snippet? Should I increase or decrease the compatibility tolerance?


Also thanks for your quick response!