Thank You for your answer. I will show here every detail related to problem so that we can sort it out. Let first start with residuals. The  convergence criterion to 1e-8 for energy and 1e-4 for all other governing equations. 


Now I will show the the contours of vapor with nodal values off 


These are contours of User defined memory of mass transfer which is implemented through lee model at interface. The interface near the wall on axis is very thick. And from this thick region small particle moves into vapor.Though in other regions the interface remain sharp                 

Now lets come to the size of bubble. The domain has height along negative of x-axis as 10mm and in horizontal direction it is 6mm. The radius now is round about 1mm 

I am willing to share any other about my problem. I would be thankful for a repsonese from you side. How can I solve this problem I would be very thankful for your comments.

Thank You