Ansys Employee

Hi gopinath1983,

Are you going to use the ANSYS Student (free) version or ANSYS Academic (paid) version ?

If the former, you have nodes/elements/cells limitation and your 32GB of RAM would be definitely more than enough. 

If the latter, please give a rough estimate of maximum number of nodes/elements/cells that you may be using in your simulation.

Your number of cores and processor seems good to me. Make sure that hyperthreading is off so that you just use the 8 real physical cores.


As for graphics card, here is the recommendation


I would not worry about Windows 7 vs Windows 10 as long as the card model (version) is in this list.

Note: This is a recommendation not a hard requirement. We've a lot of students and some customers who don't have dedicated graphics card (just pure integrated graphics from their chip) but they can use ANSYS just fine ; however , this is not guaranteed to be the case on all systems.