Hello rwoolhou,

thx for the reply.
So, there is no possibility to change manually the starting timestep in Fluent? That would also be helpful in other situations...
I didn't save the last result as *.dat-file. For the next time I will do it, thank you.

Now my problem is, I saved only the *.cdat-files and the *.case-file. I have already searched for it but how can I export a *.cdat-file in CFD-Post to a .dat-file to read this with Fluent and continue the simulation as you said because I do not have any *.dat-file.

I have tried to rename the ".cdat" to a ".dat" manually with typing in. One time it worked but another time there were many issues caused by data damaging. Would you prefer such a manual renaming even if Fluent is opening the renamed *.dat-file correctly?

Best regards,