I have the physical system in my place of work, but not a lot of data to go on. I am attempting to predict the maximum heat flux that will sustain the steady state temperature of the cooling water flowing through the plate. 

When I run the model now it shows a constant temperature along the flow of the cooling water. I expect the water to increase in temperature along the flow because it should be picking up heat from the plate. It is highly likely that the model is not accurate to what I want, so I would like as much feedback, in terms of my boundary conditions, to produce accurate results. 

Currently running it in Fluent, was thinking I would need both Fluent and Mechanical as a Steady State. Is that not the case? 

For now not planning to include the convective heat transfer of the air, because the main goal is to get the basic concept of the model to work, then the surrounding air will be the next task.