I have the body (Fig 1) with sharp narrowing of the middle part (Fig 2). 

Basic settings: 

Solver Pressure-Based, Steady

Fluid is a superheated steam (model water vapor -- real gas soave redlich kwong), 

Boundary conditions -

at the inlet (cylinder) use “pressure inlet” (912 000 Pa), 

at the outlet (rectangle) use “mass flow outlet” (12 kg/s),

I use the equations Energy, viscous -- k-epsilon -- standard -- standard wall functions.

Solution Methods - SIMPLE (I was select for all parameters “second order upwind&rdquo.

In Solution Controls Under-Relaxation Factors for Momentum, Turbulent Kinetic Energy, Energy set 0.1, as there were problems with the error "Divergence detected in AMG solver: pressure correction" and "Divergence detected in AMG solver temperature". These settings helped solve the problems. 

Standard Initialization of the inlet is used.

My problem is the pressure in the output region drops to values lower boundary pressure, which is set in the Solution Controls Limits, default is 1 Pa, and the result is 1 Pa, I increase the lower boundary Solution Controls Limits for pressure to 100 000 Pa, in result I have 100 000 Pa, I increase the lower boundary to 400 000 Pa, in result I have 400 000 Pa, the real result should be around 550 000 Pa. I used different versions of the grid such as Tetra, Hexa (CutCell), broke into separate parts of the body and created for each of its own, used a different size for grid’s elements, the result is the same, I was getting lower pressure limit from Solution Controls Limits .Does anyone know how to solve this? Thanks.