The magnitude of the forces is computed as if the matrix is written in the global axis and then transformed to the local axis, so I get:

FX=2500 x 20 x sin(30º )=25000

FY=-2500 x 20 x cos(30º )=-43301.3

I don't believe this makes any sense because the forces written in this way are not in the global system as it is said (see figure below).

With this in mind I think the forces should be one of the following:

1 - If the matrix is defined in the global axis

FY=2500 x 20=50000


2 - If the matrix is defined in the local axis (forces in global axis)

FX=-10000 x 20 x sin(30º ) x cos(30º )+2500 x 20 x sin(30º ) x cos(30º )=64951.9

FY=-10000 x 20 x sin(30º ) x sin(30º )-2500 x 20 x cos(30º ) x cos(30º )=-87500

Am I misunderstanding something or is there really an incoherence in the axis used by ANSYS Aqwa?

Thanks in advance