Hello, This is really an interesting thread and I am also doing something similar. I have questions for you:

1. In the above model, if the stress values exceed yield stress (plastic deformation) the plasticity model will need to be included (Bilinear/multilinear) in the material data for better visualization of the stresses, Am I right?

2. The material constants in the example are at 22 degrees but the temperature also raises to 600 degrees and back to RT again, now assume, if the material was PC, then in this case, how should I include the effect of temperature on Modulus and other parameters in the simulation? I mean to include this effect: https://www.ptonline.com/articles/the-effects-of-temperature

3. In my model I am supposed to simulate below condition "Put test sample in the chamber, -20deg C to +65degC each duration 15minutes, transient times in 1min, for 1cycle, total test 100 cycles". This is for the snap joint who failed after temperature shock test and cracks were found in the middle section and at the snap root after the test. I have been given another model to carry out the above simulation (temperature shock test) in Ansys. If I have to validate the design, should I perform the thermal fatigue analysis and follow the same steps mentioned in this thread? If yes, how should I include above conditions altogether in the setup? And if it exceeds the ultimate stress, can I safely say it will break with cracks developing at high-stress region point?

Sorry for the long question, but I am numb in fatigue analysis with some basic knowledge in fracture mechanics.